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For your consultation please have the following information available if possible:

For your consultation please have the following information available if possible:

Functional medicine is about restoring your metabolic function, the way your body is supposed to work. Your symptoms are the result of something not functioning optimally. When function is restored symptoms go away automatically.

Many times prescription medication merely helps to ignore the symptoms without addressing the underlying metabolic dysfunction.

Here's an anology:
If the engine temperature warning light came on in your car, puting tape over the bulb would make the warning light go unnoticed but, it isn't fixing the problem with the engine temperature. It would be a better idea to have your car checked by an expert and properly diagnosed and repaired so that you can avoid more serious engine problems & costly repairs.

The same thing applies to your body. It's your future and you want to be there healthy. Let's check your health progress and see if you are optimally healthy and if not let's work together to help you get there!

"When you are young, you use your health to chase your wealth;
when you are old, you use your wealth to buyback your health.
Difference is that, it is too late."

You wouldn't wait until you are thirsty to dig a well, or wait until after you are in a battle before starting to forge a sword. The time to make a change to improve your health is now, and time is of the essence! Like the Fram oil filter commercial says, "You can pay me now, or pay them more later".

An ouce of prevention is better than a pound of cure!

Great! How do I begin?
  • STEP 1 - Complete & submit the two (2) health questionnaires:
    Metabolic Assessment Form (MAF)
    Brain Health Questionnaire (NTAF)
    Your answers to the health questionnaires are used to assess information about your organ system function and brain health. This information together with your medical history including your chief health complaint will help determine what testing options are recommended to determine where the functional imbalances are. After completing your health questionnaires you will receive a
    free health graph of the analysis of your questionnaries.

    (Sample Health Graph).

  • STEP 2 - Schedule your initial 1/2 hour consultation to go over the results of your health questionnaires and determine which tests you should order and any additional recommendations. We need to get the essential tests to determine what is going on with your health but, ordering extra tests would be unnecessarily costly. From the results of your questionnaires we will be able to determine which testing option is most appropriate for your individual health circumstances.

  • STEP 3 - Order you bloodwork and/or lab tests. The tests will be used to determine your underlying metabolic functional imbalances (if any). All test are is available to order off of this website. There is no markup on test prices, all tests are charged at cost and includes the report fee. (To save you money on expensive lab tests we joined a coop of doctors across the country and negotiated with LabCorp to get the lowest price on bloodwork).

  • STEP 4 - Schedule your 1 hour follow-up consultation. Once we have the results of your bloodwork & lab tests we will evaluate your results based on the laboratory ranges, functional ranges (see video), and the functional relationship between specific values.

    You will receive a detailed blood nutrition report that explains what is out of balance and what you can do to help to restore function.

    (Sample Blood Nutrition Report)

    Based on your results specific herbal based formulas called 'neutraceuticals' will be recommended for nutritional support of your metabolic pattern.

    The constituents of these neutraceuticals were chosen because of evidenced based medicine (EBM) [in which double blind randomized clinical trials in humans] and have shown to be clinically effective in treating the underlying metabolic imbalances that are responsible for your symptoms.

    All recommended 'neutraceutical' products are available off of this website and we strive for the lowest possible pricing. (We don't want cost to be an obstacle to your being able to regain your optimal health).

  • STEP 5 - Purchase your recommended neutraceutical products and start taking them as soon as they arrive!

  • (Up to top of list)

After 6 weeks to 3 months you will complete this 5 step process again to assess your progress and see how you are responding to your specific treatment protocol.

This video will explain the differences between your bloodwork 'laboratory' ranges and your 'functional' ranges and why the functional ranges are important.

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