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WebLAc Concierge Program

WebLAc Concierge Medicine Program is an annual membership consultative service that combines a patient's primary medical care with integrative and functional medicine expertise and chronic disease management. Members have priority access to a primary care physician, and are provided with a personalized health and wellness treatment plan. In addition, members have full access to a highly trained team of WebLAc holistic services providers led by medical director Steve Sterling, LAc, consisting of physicians, conselors, acupuncturists, nutrition counselor, massage therapist and applied clinical nutritionist who work closely together.

Membership Benefits

5 Annual eVisits with WebLAc Physicians
This session consists of a complete family & medical history and laboratory testing including: Comprehensive blood panel, Salivary hormone panel and GI stool testing. Additional laboratory testing is available as need be at cost including: Vitamin & mineral testing, Food allergy & Gluten sensitivity, DNA testing, Heavy metal toxicity, Autoimmune testing, etc

The physician reviews the test results and advises on treatments from a functional medicine perspective. Diet & lifestyle modifications, in combination with nutritional and specialized testing & nutritional supplementation "neutraceuticals" are used to address individual needs.

Mind-Body-Spirit Evaluation
You receive an in-depth evaluation from WebLAc's unique mind-body-spirit model and recommendations for integrative & holistic care.

Same or Next Day Primary Care Visits
Members receive the same day or next day when additional primary care visits (for a fee) are needed. Members receive priority in scheduling appointments for other WebLAc services. Members' calls are returned by a physician with 24 hours.

Discounted WebLAc services and products
Members receive 10% savings on all WebLAc services, supplements, herbs, and skin care products. The outsourced lab testing services are excluded.

Membership Fees

Individual membership $2,500/yr   

2nd Family member spouse/child $2,000/yr  

Family of 4 persons $5,000/yr  

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